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Top 10 Reasons Why Housing Authorities Need a Website:

  1. All Day, Every day. A website is available 24/7/365. A website can be visited at a time that is convenient for the visitor.
  2. Frequently Asked Questions.  A website may list frequently asked questions are listed with answers, thereby reducing phone calls and letters. The website will answer the same questions for you over and over and over….
  3. Simplicity. A website makes it easy for people to find your phone number and other contact information without having to dig out the phone book.
  4. Knowledge Sharing. A website enables you to share your expertise, experience, education, and enthusiasm without lifting a finger. Proudly display your mission, values, and purpose.
  5. Disability Accommodation. A website allows people with limited access, because of handicap, illness, or other disabilities to instantly access important information without travel.
  6. Applicant Access. A website may provide a portal for applicants to apply, easing the stress on staff keying-in application data and simplifying the entire application process.  (learn more about Applicant Access)
  7. Landlord Access. A website may provide landlords with a portal of account information, HAP history, unit information, overall program information, and even inspection results.  (learn more about Landlord Access)
  8. Easy Updates. A website can be changed on a minute by minute basis if needed. Plus, printed materials can be made available for instant download on a website.
  9. Language Barriers Eliminated. A website can be viewed in any language.
  10. Improve Credibility. A website gives housing authorities the opportunity to tell people what you are about and why you deserve their trust and confidence.

Did you know that Tenmast builds websites for Housing Authorities?  Learn more here.

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