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Tenmast University

What is Tenmast University?

Tenmast University (TU) is a collection of online Winten2+ courses, and we are excited to announce that it is now part of the MRI Training Academy! TU is your main source of information while you are preparing for go-live. Beyond that, you can always use TU as a refresher for courses you have already taken, and you can continue learning more about Winten2+ by registering for additional courses of interest.

The goal of TU is to provide you the information you need to become proficient with the Winten2+ software.

Benefits of TU include a higher retention of learning, reduced training costs, and improved Tenmast user interaction.


Each TU course title contains a 3-digit number indicating its level of complexity, much like a real university. Course topics range from beginning (100 level) to advanced (500 level).

A TU course consists of one or more individual lessons relevant to the topic. Most lessons are short pre-recorded videos demonstrating how to perform a specific task in Winten2+.

TU courses are arranged in groups representing the various software modules or staff roles that may exist at your agency. This makes it easier for you to find courses by topic. Groups can also be used by your agency to help identify courses that you should complete to become proficient with Winten2+ tasks associated with your job.

Most TU courses also contain downloadable documentation (Job Aids and user guides) related to the course.


Your agency must be set up in the MRI Training Academy before you can access TU. If your agency is not currently in the Academy, your Executive Director can contact your Tenmast Account Manager for information on subscribing to TU.

Once your agency is in the Academy, an administrator at your agency—typically a Designated Support Contact—will be given an access code and a client ID. You will need both of these values to self-register for the Academy.

Click here for instructions on how to register for the Academy, register for TU courses, navigate TU, maintain your user profile, and reset your password.


Click here to access the MRI Training Academy Help page, where you can view Frequently Asked Questions and download user guides.

If you have questions or issues with TU, please email education@mrisoftware.com.

Click here to login to the MRI Training Academy