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Tenmast University

Tenmast University is a structured learning process based on the tiered levels of school (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior). Training methods include online video tutorials, computer-based training (CBT), and webinars – these trainings are accompanied by corresponding learning assessments for each lesson/course. Tenmast University Students (aka Tenmast Users) access all training information, as well as track their individual training progress, by logging into their user account on the Tenmast University portal.

Primary Goals of Tenmast University

arrow Provide the information each user needs to know in order to do their job.
arrow Perform learning assessments, ensuring user knowledge retention.
arrow Prepare each user to proficiently use Tenmast programs.
arrow Add efficiency, effectiveness, and FUN to your learning experience.

Benefits of Tenmast University include a higher retention of learning, reduced training costs, and improved Tenmast user interaction.

♦ Levels of Tenmast University ♦


Freshman Level courses focus on generating excitement about Tenmast by learning more about the company, the process and what to expect. This level contains must-knows about working with Tenmast. It is usually completed prior to installing any software programs for your use.

Freshman Level curriculum includes:

  • Welcome to Tenmast
  • Welcome to Tenmast University
  • The Implementation Process
  • What to expect during conversion
  • What to expect during validation
  • Tenmast.com and the Client Portal
  • Getting Help
  • Upgrade Considerations (WT to 2+, WT2 to 2+, Other)


Sophomore Level courses focus on learning the basic software functions and screens. This level is also must-know information for all users. It is usually completed prior to (or simultaneously with) installing any software programs for your use.

Sophomore Level curriculum includes:

  • žLogging On
  • žOverview of WinTen2+ modules
  • žBasic navigation
  • žBasic concepts
  • žCommon icons
  • žTerminology


It’s time to declare a major or minor! Junior Level courses focus on more detailed courses in the Tenmast programs. Users are introduced to processes specific to their area of specialty. Policy and Procedure options are also introduced. When this level is complete, the programs are installed at your housing authority for training purposes.

Junior Level curriculum includes:

  • Setup and configuration (for your major)
  • Validation techniques (for your major)
  • Data cleanup
  • Applications
  • Certifications
  • TAR
  • Reporting


Senior Level courses focus on all remaining training necessary for individuals to successfully function in their designated roles/majors. Some of this training may be onsite in-person training.

To graduate, each user/student must demonstrate proficiency and knowledge in Tenmast software and their declared major.

Each graduate will be deemed “Tenmast Certified

Once all employees who will use WinTen2+ have registered and graduated from Tenmast University, they will receive a certificate of completion for the classes/courses that they have attended.

It is expected that each user must be certified in the programs that they will use on a daily basis. Once the majority of users (80%) have been certified, your organization is ready to Go-Live!


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TU is supported on all major web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) and has a mobile interface with Apple and Android devices.

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