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Tenmast University

What is Tenmast University?

Tenmast University (TU) is Tenmast Software’s online learning center for Winten2+.  TU is your main source of information while you are preparing for go-live.  Beyond that, you can always use TU as a refresher for courses you have already taken, and you can continue learning more about Winten2+ by taking additional courses of interest.

  • Goal – The goal of TU is to provide you the information you need to become proficient with the Winten2+ software.
  • Benefits – Benefits of TU include a higher retention of learning, reduced training costs and improved Tenmast user interaction.




  • Videos – Most of the courses in TU are instructor-lead videos demonstrating how to perform specific tasks within Winten2+.
  • Assessments – Videos are typically followed by a multiple-choice assessment to measure your understanding of the information covered.
  • Webinars – TU also contains archived webinars that we have conducted on various topics.
  • Job Aids – You will also find documents containing instructions for performing application tasks. We call these Job Aids, and you can download and print them as needed.


Course Structure


Courses in TU are structured similar to a real university.  Each course has a 3-digit number assigned to it, and courses are categorized as Freshman, Sophomore and so on.  These are the course levels:


  • 100 – Freshman level courses that provide an orientation to the Tenmast Software company and what to expect during onboarding or migration. Most of these courses are aimed at agency staff who are directly involved in the implementation process while preparing for go-live on Winten2+.
  • 200 – Sophomore level courses that cover the basic software functions in Winten2+. These courses are usually assigned to all users because they apply to almost everyone who uses the application.
  • 300 – Junior level courses that provide an introduction to specific content areas in Winten2+. These course assignments are based upon your role at the agency.  If you are a Public Housing Specialist, for example, you will likely be assigned to all of the 300-level courses related to Public Housing.
  • 400 – Senior level courses that describe more complex tasks for specific content areas in Winten2+. Like Junior level courses, these assignments are based upon your role at the agency.
  • 500 – Graduate level courses for advanced features in Winten2+, such as TransNet, Landlord Access and TenDocs.
  • 600 – A vast archive of TenMastery webinars and other special seminars that Tenmast has conducted on various Winten2+ topics. These courses are typically not assigned to users.  Instead, you can search the Course Library and view webinars whenever you want.




To access TU, you must have a user account.  Your account may already have been established when your agency was initially set up in TU.  If you are a new employee, you can request an account by submitting a support ticket through our Support Portal.  Follow the links for General Support » Tenmast University » Add New User.  You may also contact your Supervisor or Training Coordinator to request a TU account.


TU is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It can be accessed on any internet-enabled device, including desktop PCs, laptops and tablets.  TU can be used with any web browser.  Most agencies use either Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox.


Demos & Manuals


Before you begin using TU, we recommend you watch the following tutorial for general users—or Learners.  The video explains how to login to TU the first time and then demonstrates how to view video modules, complete assessments and browse the Course Library.  There is also a manual you can download that contains the same information.



Agencies can designate certain staff to be TU Team Leaders for their organization.  Team Leaders can manage users, teams and courses within TU.  They can also create and schedule reports.  If you are a Team Leader, we recommend you watch the following tutorial which demonstrates all of the Team Leader capabilities.  There is also a manual you can download that contains the same information.





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