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Software & Technical Training: Getting the most out of your software!

At Tenmast, we pride ourselves in having the best trainers in the industry. Our experienced trainers cumulatively have over 30 years experience training in the industry, and all have previous backgrounds in training. Our trainers are dedicated to certain specialties which they know from top to bottom. They are also cross-trained to be able to assist in areas other than their specialty. Tenmast recognizes the value of these experts and constantly invests in their development and evolving knowledge with organizational trainings. Trainer achievements include certifications from various organizations (such as Nan McKay and NAHRO) for Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8), Multifamily, and more.

New Client Training programs are typically custom schedules that include all types of training. For more information about a specific situation, contact us.

Training Methods:

On-site Training: This training takes place at your location using your equipment.  We follow a detailed syllabus so as not to miss any important information. Our hands-on training sessions are conducted in a friendly, informal manner. We provide training packets for onsite training, which include terminology, the goals and objectives for trainings, and a list of reports and description of each report.  Outlines and Quick Start Guides are also provided to supplement our complete Operator’s Instruction Manuals and the documentation available on our client website.

In-house Training: Tenmast offers a variety of training sessions throughout the year in their Lexington, KY and Ruston, LA office locations. These sessions usually last anywhere from 1-3 days and are charged on a per-person, per-day basis.  In-house trainings are modeled after the on-site trainings and are provided in an environment where hands-on training is available.

Web Training (Agency Specific): Web Training can be conducted one-on-one or in a group setting. The way this training works is that both Tenmast and the client log into a Web service. This training method is less expensive and generally used for brush-up training, agency-specific needs, or new releases. Web Trainings are custom to your housing authority and are charged on a per-hour basis.

Web Training (General): Tenmast hosts Web Trainings for all users based on a weekly schedule that reviews a specific module or process. Many Web Trainings (General) are free of charge – some are charged on a per-hour basis.