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PIC References

Here’s what some of our clients are saying about Tenmast Software’s PIC Solutions …

“I just had to write and tell you how great your new PIC status report is.

“I just love it. It has made my life with PIC so much easier.

“I have had a lot of errors with social security numbers and last names and with the new report it just tells me what is wrong and how to fix it. Now that is great.

“In one day early in the morning because after that PIC is slow I have cleaned up my public housing to a 100% submission rate!!!! What a relief !!! Now on to Section 8.

“So thanks to you and all of your hard working employees for making my life easier with PIC.”

Brattleboro Housing Authority
Brattleboro, VT

“P.S. Please let all your employees know I said thank you.”

“We use [QuicPIC] and love it. It is well worth the money.

“I highly recommend it.

“In this WASS/PIC transition were are also having some problems getting logged in the last couple of days. I am sure that will be taken care of soon. They are very prompt to resolve problems and seem to know how to work with PIC.”

Hagerstown Housing Authority
Hagerstown, MD

“We used Tenmast on three occasions. First, to help with cleanup of our Client database to match PIC prior to software conversation to a new program. We gave them an active database (Excel) and they scrubbed that data against PIC to show us Clients that were missing on PIC, Clients that were late on PIC, mismatch units between our current software and PIC. They gave us directions on what steps should be handled first, second, third and so on to bring out database back in line to match PIC.

“Secondly, we used them on-site to train our employees about PIC. Most of our employees have never seen PIC and when they were exposed to what PIC was, lights started coming on why we were having troubles with PIC submission because staff never really knew what was trying to be done with submissions … where did they go … what did they do … how to react when a submission failed and how to correct those errors.

“Third, we send some staff members to a Tenmast ‘Stupid PIC Tricks’ training when they are in a neighboring city. We send new staff to these and as a refresher to some of us that have become BRAIN DEAD dealing with PIC.

“Tenmast tends to explain PIC in a manner that a common person can understand instead of a ‘Techy’ method over-shooting someone’s head.”

Chattanooga Housing Authority
Chattanooga, TN