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QuicPIC™ is a powerful tool that automates your PIC data processing tasks. QuicPIC™ error-checks your 50058 data for every possible PIC error, and then automatically submits only the error-free records to PIC. The program can also retrieve and manage PIC error reports—quickly and easily!

The power of QuicPIC™ is unique technology developed by Tenmast that communicates with the PIC system and identifies any and all errors before you submit the records to PIC.

QuicPIC will

  • Error checks all 50058 files prior to submitting to PIC. Translation of errors into plain English with easy to follow instructions to correct them quickly and efficiently.
  • Real Time Status Reports – It will download, store, and display the PIC-calculated submission rate, late re-exams, and late HQS inspections.
  • The PIC Status Report compares your current tenant data to the 50058 data in PIC and prints a list of the tenant records with errors so you can insure they are all kept current.
  • Full, unlimited phone and email support from our PIC Services Team.

QuicPIC Reports

  • Late Re-exams
  • Late HQS Inspections
  • PIC Status Report
  • Active Tenant List of those on PIC

QuicPIC works with any housing authority software system, and without any modification to your existing system.


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