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Onsite PIC Training

Whether you are new to the housing industry or have worked in the industry for years, Tenmast’s 1-Day PIC Tricks training will provide you with the knowledge needed to master the PIC system. This one day training is a detailed training, customized to your Housing Authority.

Mike Teaching

The training is presented by Mike Denny, PIC Coordinator at Tenmast Software. Mike and Tenmast’s PIC team have performed over 600 PIC Cleanups for PHA’s on all types of software.  Working closely with HUD on the PIC development process since 1999, the team is used as one of the primary PIC system testers that HUD relies upon today. Every year they help hundreds of PHA’s submit 50058′s to PIC successfully!


One Day Training @ Your Agency

This training runs from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, covering the following topics:

Morning Session – PIC Basics

• Three PIC error types
• Become an EIV Star
• Tenant ID/SSN Errors
• Overview of the PIC system – Public Housing and Section 8
• Section 8 Portability and PIC
• PH Vacancies
• The Trick to PIC

Afternoon Session – Using PIC Tools to Solve PIC Errors

• Field Data Errors
• Record Match Errors
• Stump the Chump (Live PIC Error discussion)
• Understand PIC Reports
• How to calculate your (real) PIC submission rate
• Monthly Best Practices

The training agenda includes breaks in the morning and afternoon and a one-hour break for lunch. This training uses detailed graphics of PIC processing and live PIC demonstrations. Handout material will also be provided. With this option, the HA will receive a FREE 30 day trial of the QuicPic software!

Two Day Training @ Your Agency

Tenmast’s expert PIC team will perform an analysis on your data before they begin the 2nd day of training. They will use your most common PIC errors to train you on examples from your submissions. They will work with you to perform a PIC Cleanup on your system, and help you correct your errors. Throughout the day, you will learn what is wrong and why it is bringing your score down. The rest of the time will be spent working with the staff to train you on your data and apply the new techniques learned from the Stupid PIC
Tricks training the previous day.

Case Studies

Housing Authority of the City of Long Beach, CA