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PIC Management™

Tenmast’s PIC Management™ service is a comprehensive solution where we not only submit all of your 50058s to PIC and correct any errors, but also GUARANTEE a 97% submission rate or higher every month. No matter what software system your agency currently uses, our expert PIC team can effectively manage all your 50058 submissions and error corrections.

PIC Insurance

Tenmast’s PIC Management™ lets you focus on what’s most important at your housing authority while giving you complete peace of mind for your PIC Submission Rates. Over 66 agencies nationwide entrust Tenmast with their PIC submissions on a monthly basis.

“Our increase in time savings would equal a significant amount of money if I was to sit down and figure it all out. We were working ourselves to death with PIC before Tenmast.”

Celeste Gomez, Section 8 Coordinator
Neptune Housing Authority

Our Service

Tenmast’s PIC Management team will analyze your 50058 data, identify all PIC errors in your system, correct those errors and then submit your 50058 records to PIC. You will no longer:

  • Spend time determining what PIC errors really mean
  • Need to keep up with HUD’s ever-changing rules
  • Worry about sub-standard submission rates every month

And the best part…our service is guaranteed!

Client Case Studies

Neptune Housing Authority, NJ

Minden Housing Authority, NJ

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