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PIC Cleanup

Need a fresh start?

HUD continues to implement new rules that rely more heavily on your PIC data, making it more important than ever to make sure ALL of your data is accurate. PHAS and SEMAP indicators are largely based on the accuracy of your PIC data. Let us help you become a high performing agency by cleaning up your PIC data and giving you a fresh start.

Tenmast Insurance

  • Compare all of your current 50058s in your software system to the 50058s currently on HUD’s PIC website
  • Identify all errors preventing you from a 100% Submission Rate
  • Insure your tenant list is current, or if someone needs to be noted as moved out, missing, or late
  • Create the necessary 50058 records to correct the errors in your system and submit them to PIC on your behalf

Section 8 FYE Cleanup

For Section 8 Fiscal Year Ends, we will thoroughly analyze all completed Inspections and Annuals. This ensures they are correct to maximize your SEMAP Indicators 9, 11, and 12. It also ensures the highest points possible for your year end review.

Case Studies

Mobile Housing Board, AL

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