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PIC 50058 Solutions


Click on the video above and let Mr. Simple explain Tenmast’s PIC Solutions.


Tenmast offers an array of services to help with your PIC submissions.

>> PIC Management – PIC Management service is a comprehensive solution where we not only submit all of your 50058s to PIC and correct any errors, but also GUARANTEE at least a 97% submission rate or higher every month. No matter what software system your agency currently uses, our expert PIC team can effectively manage all your 50058 submissions and error corrections

>> PIC CleanupPIC Cleanup service will get your PIC submission rate over 97% for both Public Housing and Section 8 Voucher programs. This is useful when an agency has a particular month (or several months) where they are under 97% for PH or S8.

>> PIC Training– Tenmast offers an on-site, one-day PIC training session that teaches your staff how PIC works and gives them the essential tools to correct PIC errors, easily and efficiently. Before arriving at your site for the training, we analyze your tenant data and the 50058 data in PIC and focus the training on the PIC errors that are preventing your agency from consistently achieving a 100% submission rate.

>> QuicPIC Software – QuicPIC is a powerful tool that automates your PIC data processing tasks. QuicPIC error-checks your 50058 data for every possible PIC error, it then automatically submits only the error-free records to PIC, and finally instructs you, in plain English, how to efficiently correct your records with errors.


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