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Remote Backup

Zip disk or USB failure, random system shutdown, “zapped” memory sticks, theft, fire, or natural disasters are just a few examples how your current data backup process remains unprotected. A disaster recovery plan that includes Remote Backup, is essential in protecting your data against hardware malfunction, human error, software failure, viruses, and natural disasters.

If you lack confidence in your current backup plan, consider the solution that ensures protection of your data, provides a hands free method, and is cost-effective. Supplement your current method of manually backing up data with tapes or DVDs, with a completely automated solution that is monitored by our IT experts. All of your files will be included in a nightly backup that will leave you worry-free and concentrated on your important job functions.

Don’t be among the many businesses that lose data every year. Choose the Tenmast solution that saves you priceless time while giving you the peace of mind in knowing your data is always safe and secure.

Don’t take risks with your data!

Features that Enhance Security:

  1. Two Storage locations
    Tenmast headquarters in Lexington, KY and a second, undisclosed location
    Multiple locations ensure your data is always readily available
    AES 256-bit encrypted before the data leaves your site
  2. Maximum Protection
    Encrypted specifically for your organization
    Files read by personalized encryption key
    E-mail notification of failed or missed backups
    Data safe from natural disaster or fire
  3. Custom Backups
    Schedule an additional backup anytime at your location
    Keep an extra copy on your hard drive or CD/DVD for your convenience
  4. Complete Control of File Restoration
    Restore one specific document or folder
    Perform a complete restore of your data

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