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Tenmast offers to host all applications (rather than maintaining the software on a server located at your agency).  This setup eliminates the need to upgrade or purchase and maintain new hardware for the applications, and your housing authority can rest assured that the data is safe.  The File Server and the Database Server portions will be hosted, or housed, here at our offices.

Each user has the application icons on their desktop.  The user clicks on the icons and launches the programs, and the applications run as if they were installed locally, but are in fact running on servers in our offices accessed across the Internet.

Tenmast performs all maintenance on the applications, operating systems and the hardware.  We also perform nightly backups of the clients WinTen² data.  This service requires an initial hosting charge as well as yearly maintenance costs.

Ideal for…clients that want Tenmast to handle their software needs from end to end. Nothing additional would need to be purchased for onsite. Everything is setup, customized, and maintained by Tenmast Software.


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This deployment option refers to a scenario where Tenmast Software houses/maintains the server on behalf of the client. All data resides with Tenmast and clients connect remotely via Citrix XenApp.