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At Tenmast, we pride ourselves in having the best trainers in the industry. Our experienced trainers cumulatively have over 30 years experience training in the industry, and all have previous backgrounds in training. Our trainers are dedicated to certain specialties which they know from top to bottom. They are also cross-trained to be able to assist in areas other than their specialty. Tenmast recognizes the value of these experts and constantly invests in their development and evolving knowledge with organizational trainings. Trainer achievements include certifications from various organizations (such as Nan McKay and NAHRO) for Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8), Multi Family, and more.

Tenmast clients can request product trainings by logging into our Client Site.

Industry Trainings

PIC Trainings – Designed for all housing authorities, regardless of your software system.

Performance Leadership – Brings out the best performance in your housing authority!

EIV (Enterprise Income Verification) – Gives you the full spectrum on EIV.

Scoring BIG with SEMAP – Ensure you get the points you deserve.

Industry Training Calendar – Check here for upcoming Industry Trainings.

EIV (Enterprise Income Verification)

Tenmast’s EIV training gives you the inside angle on how to best use HUD’s income verification system. This course will take users from accessing the system to giving you best monthly practices and more…

  • How EIV works
  • Use EIV for monthly re-certifications
  • Navigating EIV pages
  • 3rd party verification rules for EIV
  • How to maintain semi-annual certification compliance for users

This training will provide you with the confidence to navigate and use the EIV system as required by HUD to ensure their goal of getting the “the right benefits go to the right persons.”

Scoring BIG with SEMAP

Maximize your SEMAP score by incorporating indicators into your job. You will learn how SEMAP indicators affect your SEMAP score, gain an understanding of the SEMAP assessment process and the Voucher Management System (VMS), and learn how to improve your score with a PIC Cleanup.