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TenDocs Document Imaging Software

TenDocs is our document imaging system which converts paper documents and images into an electronic format you can easily retrieve within the Tenmast system. Your agency manages a massive amount of documents for your tenants and  employees. TenDocs will provide you with a clutter free desk and quicker access to the files you need.

Program features:

  • Attach documents to records within the system (tenants, vendors, applicants, employees, invoices, units, inspections, etc)
  • Attach digital files to tenants or other records (pictures, internet print outs, etc)
  • Scan documents and attach to records within the system
  • Print documents directly to archive
  • Email documents
  • Secure daily back-up

TenDocs creates a paperless environment in your agency allowing you to easily search for documents with the click of a mouse. Storage space is decreased, as your agency will no longer have to worry about storage for all of your paper files. In addition, you will have a reduction in your printing and paper supplies costs.

TenDocs simply saves you time. All files and documents are organized in a central location allowing you to view, print, or email documents without ever leaving your desk.

Paper documents are lost everyday due to fire, theft, vandalism, or natural disasters. TenDocs will backup your documents so these risks are eliminated.

Sensitive tenant and employee documents are also at risk within your agency due to them being left on your desk or in a storage location.  TenDocs also limits access based on the specific needs of each employee’s role.

TenDocs Case Studies

TenDocs at the Housing Authority of Cynthiana (KY)

TenDocs at the West Valley City Housing Authority (UT)

TenDocs at the Clinton County Housing Authority (PA)

TenDocs at the Marion Redevelopment & Housing Authority (VA)