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Tenant Access portal grants your clients 24/7 access to their pertinent information, while also providing self service opportunities which help streamline operations for your agency in ways once never thought possible.

Your agency controls what information is visible by your clients, as well as what information that they can update. Once updates are submitted, a policy setting can be defined to allow changes to flow directly into your database (i.e. contact info update), or to enter a pending area for staff review (typically changes requiring a certification).

– Application information review
– Household composition, address, income, expenses, etc.
– Waiting Lists applied for
– Position or status on list(s) (agency defined)
– Submit request to change application information
– Tenant information review, including:
 >> Household Info (members, income, expenses, etc.)
 >> Tenant Rent & Utility Allowance
 >> HAP, URP and tenant rent
 >> Next recertification date
 >> Account Balances
 >> Caseworker and contact info
– Request House-hold Information Update
– Self Report Community Service Requirements met
– Submit Work Order Requests
– Submit Request for Inspection


Tenmast Tenant Access

Tenants can view a summary of their account directly from the home screen.


Applicants can quickly view their status on the waiting list, apply for additional lists, and update their preferences.