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NowApp Online Application Software

The easy way to collect housing applications.

NowApp allows your future tenants to enter their housing application through a web site, which then is entered into your current software. Future tenants can now apply at their convenience and of the location of their choice. The added value is also seen with your employees no longer keying in applications.

Key Benefits:

  • 24/7 Access for Applicants
  • Only completed applicants are accepted
  • Data error checking
  • Turn waiting lists on/off as needed
  • Staff time reduced entering applications

Share your online application with your community and provide a kiosk at your office with NowApp to make the application process even easier. Once the application is submitted, NowApp checks for errors ensuring no errors and invalid information is processed into your system.

Contact us to learn more about this program and the rest of the WinTen² programs.

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