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Landlord Access

Landlord Access™ gives your Section 8 landlords online access to their HAP (Housing Assistance Payment) statements and HAP histories via the Internet. Landlord Access provides even better service and convenience to your landlords, since they can view their entire HAP histories, not just the current payment, and they can do so 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, right from their own offices or homes.

Time Saver

  • Limits calls you receive from Landlords
  • Landlords have instant access to current and historical HAP checks
  • Time saved from printing and stuffing envelopes

Money Saver

  • Reduces postage expense
  • Reduces printing costs
  • Reduction in check and envelope costs


  • Post important announcements on the homepage
  • Post documents specific to your agency and HUD, including their HAP contract

A powerful service offering a secure means for Landlords to quickly access their voucher information from anywhere.

Stop Printing Checks and Vouchers

This  means your agency will no longer print and mail vouchers for landlords’ direct deposit payments—you mail only the live checks. And if your agency chooses to go 100% direct deposit for landlords—which is fully supported by our Section 8 Tenant and Landlord program—you no longer have live checks to send.

Case Studies

Huntington Housing Authority, WV

Monroe County Housing Authority, PA

Your agency must use the Section 8 Tenant and Landlord program in order to use Landlord Access. Learn more about Section 8 Tenant and Landlord.

Contact us to learn more about these programs and the rest of the WinTen² programs.