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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system allows your clients to call an automated phone line, enter their SSN, and the “auto attendant” gives them their respective waiting list position (or customized confirmation message) on all the assisted housing lists that they have applied to.

IVR isn’t just for applicants!
Your tenants can call the automated line to find valuable answers to their rent questions. Public Housing tenants have the ability to check their existing balance, due dates, and late fees expected in the case of a late payment, while Section 8 tenants can easily call and verify their tenant pay portion amounts that are due to their landlords.

The IVR system is based on a PC computer that is connected to a dedicated IVR phone line and your existing Tenmast server. The IVR software is designed to read the SSN entered on the telephone key pad and then retrieve the waiting list status from Applicant List, and rent information from the Tenant Accounts Receivable and Section 8 Tenant & Landlord databases.

Demo IVR Today!IVR Phone Support

To experience a live demonstration or for more information in regards to the IVR system, please contact Jim Hughes by phone at 877.359.5492 ext 1237 or email at jhughes@tenmast.com.

Contact us to learn more about the rest of the WinTen² programs.


IVR Success Stories

IVR at Levy County Housing Authority (FL)

IVR at the Pekin Housing Authority (IL)