The WorkOrder program manages and tracks maintenance work order data, including consumable inventory items used and employee time consumed in completing each work order.

Program Highlights:

  • Tracks time required for completion of each work order for PHAS records.
  • Automatically posts charges for work orders to the Tenant Accounts Receivable program.
  • Classifies work orders by PHAS code and type for statistical analysis.

Program Details:

The WorkOrder program is capable of automatically posting charges to a tenant’s account in Tenant Accounts Receivable. The program tracks the employees involved in the completion of each work order, shares data with the Consumable Inventory program to reduce the consumable inventory, and can produce statistical reports on work performed over a set period of time using the program’s work type classification system.

WorkOrder tracks data to determine PHAS percentages and can produce a PHAS worksheet with the breakdown of these percentages. The Public Housing Inspections program also interfaces with the WorkOrder program. If an inspection identifies the need for a work order, Public Housing Inspections can automatically create the work order with the proper PHAS codes. The PHAS program uses this database to compile PHAS reporting data.

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