Section 8 Inspections

Section 8 Inspections is designed for complete compliance with HQS (Housing Quality Standards) inspection requirements. It draws data from the Section 8 Tenant & Landlord program in order to compile its database of Section 8 tenants, landlords, and units. The program’s standard configuration includes the complete set of HQS inspections requirements.

Section 8 Desktop Inspections is designed to be used with handheld computers for a “paperless” system of inspection data gathering. However, you can use more traditional printed inspection forms and enter the data by hand if you so choose.


If your agency needs more detail or needs to fulfill other inspection requirements, you can customize the inspection protocols to suit your preferences and needs.

Program Integration

Occupancy and Rent Calculation
Section 8 Inspections updates the inspection dates on your 50058’s and creates a transaction 13 for PIC.

Section 8 Tenant and Landlord

Section 8 Inspections draws from Section 8 Tenant & Landlord in order to compile its database of tenants, landlords, and units.

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