Public Housing Inspections

The Public Housing Inspections program enables you to conduct unit inspections in compliance with HUD’s UPCS inspection requirements.

Program Highlights:

  • Follows the complete UPCS inspection protocol.
  • Users can edit or create additional inspection protocols.
  • Enables you to schedule inspections and follow-ups for multiple inspectors.
  • Integrates with handheld computers for “paperless” inspections recorded directly to data files in the field.
  • Creates work orders for items requiring maintenance attention.

Program Details:

The Public Housing Inspections program is designed for complete compliance with HUD’s UPCS (Uniform Physical Condition Standards) inspection requirements. It enables you to track and schedule inspections and re-inspections, print tenant notification letters, produce inspection result reports, and generate work orders in WinTen² WorkOrder.

Public Housing Inspections is fully integrated with the Tenant Accounts Receivable program for tracking tenant charges and inspection dates and sharing unit of page
Portable Computers:

For maximum efficiency, Inspections programs can also integrate with a variety of portable and handheld computers that inspectors can use to conduct inspections and record results in the field. Using such a device allows you to conduct “paperless” inspections. You can record inspection results in the field, then transfer them to your agency’s master inspection database, without ever having to use a printed inspection form. This reduces errors in inspection recording and saves data entry time.

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