Consumable Inventory

The Consumable Inventory program tracks the receipt, storage, and expenditure of consumable items in your agency’s inventory.

Program Highlights:

  • Supports an unlimited number of storage locations for inventory items.
  • Tracks issuance of items to maintenance (for work order use), to suppliers (returned for credit or refund), and to disposal.
  • Automatically sends a request to the Purchase Order program for a re-order when an item’s inventory levels fall below a user-defined minimum.
  • Automatically updates inventory levels when items are recorded as received in Purchase Order.

Program Details:

The Consumable Inventory program provides current inventory tracking for all consumable items and supplies in your agency’s inventory. While it is most frequently used to track maintenance supplies, you can just as easily track office supplies or any other items your agency uses and expends on a regular basis.

Consumable Inventory records every movement of items into or out of inventory. If you are using the WinTen² Purchase Order program, the program will automatically record the receipt of goods ordered. Likewise, if you are using the WinTen² WorkOrder program, the program will automatically record the expenditure of items required to complete a work order. Consumables always provides the current “on hand” status of each item, as well as that item’s history over the past year.

Each inventory item record contains data on unit availability and pricing and minimum quantity required for re-order. You can track item inventory levels in one primary and up to 20 secondary storage locations, which simplifies audit procedures when you are conducting a physical inventory.

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