WinTen2+ System Overview

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Tenmast provides advanced, user-friendly software coupled with extraordinary customer service to affordable housing mangers in the public and private sectors.

WinTen2+ is the core of Tenmast’s suite of software products that streamlines affordable housing management for any property type including Public Housing, HUD project based subsidies, USDA Rental Assistance, Tax Credits.

WinTen2+ is used by hundreds of housing managers across the country to manage applicants, tenants, financials, maintenance, inspections, and more.

System Highlights

  • One System, Fully Integrated.  No more need for multiple systems or spreadsheets
  • Subsidy Management.  More than 20 subsidy types come standard, including multi-subsidies for a particular unit/tenant.
  • User-Friendly Design. Wizards to easily complete tasks & eliminate data entry errors
  • Superior Documentation.  Videos, Online Help, Manuals, Training Docs, and more.
  • Simple Voucher Submissions.  Monthly file submissions to PIC, TRACS, and MINC are all handled through WinTen2+.
  • Reporting the way you want it.  Choose from hundreds of reports or simply build your own. Customize reports. Save report layouts. Produce batch letters to report records. Add fields, group by fields, sort by fields, all on-the-fly with no system modifications.
  • Data Accessibility.  Export data in many formats, including Excel, Word, TXT, HTML, PDF, and CSV.
  • Advanced Setup & User Security. Easily modify security based on organizational needs. Seamlessly jump to appropriate setup records (drop downs, options, etc) from the respective field/screen.

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