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Public Housing & Section 8 Software

Tenmast offers a comprehensive public housing software system based on HUD regulations and reporting requirements that also includes our clients’ unique business processes. Clients can pick and choose the programs that are needed for their purposes, but when multiple Tenmast programs are purchased, they integrate to share data as needed.

WinTen2+: Housing Authority Software

The Tenmast WinTen2+ system is considered the leading software for Public Housing Authorities. Manage more than 25 subsidies, including Public Housing, Section 8, Tax Credits, USDA, Multifamily, and many more. This user-friendly system is built to simply tenant tracking, accounting/finance, maintenance, inspections, agency reporting, HUD reporting, and executive decision making.

Document Imaging

TenDocs is our document imaging system that converts your paper documents and pictures into an electronic format that you can easily retrieve within the Tenmast system.

Partner Access™ Programs

Web-based applications give your partners limited, secure access to your software via the Internet. Applicant Access™, Employee Access™, and Landlord Access™ are now available.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

The Tenmast Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system allows applicants and existing tenants to simply call a phone number, enter their SSN and the “auto-attendant” will give them their pertinent information.