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Two Cities. One Training. Let’s Go!

The Tale of Two Cities. From the East Coast to the West, we have created an advanced development training with very targeted topics for our 2+ users. Training will be identical in both locations! Pick the location closest to you and we will see you in:

Atlantic City | July 17-18


Seattle | July 20-21

The trainings offered were designed with the goal of you returning back to the office with detailed skills and process flows that will make you more efficient in your day to day work. We will review major changes that the software has gone through to improve your user experience as well as added utilities that you can count on. Simultaneously, you will be learning side by side with other users of WinTen2+. Chat about how they do things at their agency and gain even more insight into the program you use daily. This is your front row seat to WinTen2+ and all it has to offer.

Train! Train! Train! 


It’s hard for you to get away from the office. Things pile up, voicemail boxes become full, and don’t get us started on the number of email messages you have to sort when you return! That is why we decided to make this training 1 ½ days and take it on the road, offering two locations. You can focus, learn, and return with a brain, full of info, that isn’t fried from sitting in a training room all week! (Not that our content isn’t super interesting! But sitting in the same room for several days can make one testy!) You will be back in office quickly, ready to implement the information you learned.


WinTen2+ sessions built for you.

Our expert trainers designed a schedule that would be most helpful to you and your agency, full of powerful information that you need to know when using the system. Sessions were chosen based on trainer interaction with 2+ users during onsite and web training, questions users have asked in the past, and new features that you need to know about!  The information that you will be presented with is sure to provide more than just a few Aha! moments. Sessions include:

  • Tenant Portal

  • Housing Efficiencies

  • Best Practices Spotlight

  • Portability

  • Tax Credit Compliance

  • VMS

  • Accounting Efficiencies

  • RAD Conversion

  • 2+ Capabilities in TAR

  • HUD Status Updates

Schedule + Session Descriptions + FAQ

Access the schedule to see the sessions scheduled for each day.

Not sure what to expect at this brand new training? The FAQ document can answer your questions.

Pricing $395 per attendee

Your registration fee includes:

  • Full Access to ALL conference sessions at your registered location
  • DAY 1 – Breakfast, Morning Snack, Lunch, Afternoon Snack
  • DAY 2 – Breakfast, Morning Snack