WinTen2+ System Overview

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The Tenmast WinTen2+ system offers superior design based around the business processes of your management company using wizards and a clear, concise user interface. Our team strives in every way to provide the industry’s best software with excellent, continuous support.

System Highlights

  • One System, Fully Integrated.  No more need for multiple systems or spreadsheets – it’s all here!
  • Subsidy Management.  More than 20 subsidy types are supported, including layered/dual subsidy units.
  • Expert Customer Service.  Every customer service rep we have available to you is an expert in their field. They can not only lead you through the problem, but describe why it needs to be done that way with the goal of solving your issue the first time they talk to you!
  • User-Friendly Design. Wizards to easily complete tasks & eliminate data entry errors. Seamlessly jump to appropriate setup records (drop downs, options, etc) from the respective field/screen.
  • Superior Documentation.  Videos, Online Help, Manuals, Training Docs, and Tenmast University .
  • Simple Voucher Submission.  Monthly file submissions to TRACS, and MINC are all handled through WinTen2+.
  • Reporting the way you want it.  Choose from hundreds of reports or simply build your own. Customize your reports by adding, grouping or sorting by any fields captured within the system, and save them for later use. Build your reports on-the-fly with no system modifications!
  • Data Accessibility.  Export data in many formats, including Excel, Word, TXT, HTML, PDF, and CSV.
  • Advanced Setup & User Security. Easily modify security based on organizational needs,  granting or restricting as much access within the system as necessary (read only, partial, full access).