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If you operate with your housing data in the cloud, you have a secure backup, but it’s not the same as having the data in your physical possession.

Cloud data security is an innovation with many benefits. But what if you could have the best of both worlds – the security of cloud storage and the peace of mind that comes with an on premise copy of your actual data at all times!

DataSafe™ from Tenmast provides the missing link. DataSafe™ is a small computer appliance (7” x 7”) that you plug into a network cable with Internet access. From that point, DataSafe automatically creates a constant series of scheduled downloads of your Tenmast hosted data so you have a physical copy in your office at all times.

DataSafe™ is not a data backup. It is a convenient, zero maintenance way to have a complete copy of your current housing data in your possession at all times. If you ever need access to your housing data, just log in to the secure file in DataSafe using a simple interface you access with any Web browser.

The DataSafe™ interface shows you status of each database copy and allows you to open the data files, view them or copy them to another computer. The DataSafe™ also includes a current version of the Tenmast software so you can view your data in the programs on your local computer.

Tenmast’s DataSafe™ is the best of both worlds because it allows you to run your business from the cloud while dynamically maintaining a current copy of your data at your fingertips. That’s full circle data security.

Full Circle Data Security

ACCESS. You can log into the DataSafe with a browser and copy your data to any computer anytime.

SECURITY. Your data is encrypted in rest and in transit from the DataSafe and it is decrypted by the DataSafe only when you want it decrypted.

ASSURANCE. You will receive an email notification when DataSafe completes each update, and you can log in through the console and confirm it.

SIZE. The DataSafe device is about the size of a large format book but it will store up to a terabyte of your data on a secure solid state drive, providing plenty of room for growth.

MAINTENANCE. Once you plug the DataSafe into your network, it operates autonomously. Tenmast fully supports the DataSafe, including data encryption, data integrity checks, decryption, and support of the DataSafe console.

GUARANTEE. If your DataSafe device fails, Tenmast will ship you a replacement within 48 hours. For most agencies, you will have a fresh copy of your data on the new device 30 minutes after you plug it in.

Data SafeIf you’re not comfortable with your housing data just in the cloud, consider the solution that provides full circle data security, with truly tangible results.

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