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Our Employees Own Tenmast!


Tenmast as an ESOP


In June 2012, Tenmast officially announced our status as an Employee Owned Company! Our ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) acts as a retirement plan and provides a wealth of other benefits. Ultimately, this means that each Tenmast employee has a direct stake in the outcome and efforts of the company!

Employees celebrated becoming Employee Owners with an ESOP Rollout on June 29, 2012. CEO, James Mauch discussed the ESOP plan and thanked everyone for their dedication to Tenmast initiatives. All Employee Owners were given a framed $1 bill customized with their name and the date to represent the first $1 they own of Tenmast stock.

Key advantages to employees owning Tenmast:

–  Employee ownership allows a focus on long-term goals

–  Employee ownership helps attract and retain a superior workforce

–  Employee ownership facilitates the alignment of key corporate constituencies

–  Employee ownership promotes adaptability to maintain customer focus


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