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Community Involvement

Giving back is important to us here at Tenmast.  Always looking for ways to improve our community and the lives of those around us, we are involved with many organizations in our community (and even the world!) to help those who are less fortunate! Read below to see how we have impacted our neighborhoods this year!


A project close to CEO, James Mauch’s heart, PROSPER is a software program Tenmast developed for Namaste-Direct. A micro-credit initiative that serves Mayan women in Guatemala, Namaste focuses on business education as well as financial literacy. Offering this to women entrepreneurs in Guatemala, along with a microloan, their goal is to increase the profits of their clients and eradicate poverty.

When Namaste approached us to build them an exclusive online database system, we were thrilled to help! We handed over PROSPER, the online database system, in early 2012.  The database is Namste-Direct’s solution for managing, measuring, and evaluating outcome based development initiatives. With the focus on outcomes, not outputs – this is a way to ensure each and every client Namaste is working with is able to increase her sales and profits. This allows them to manage in real time: all of the information the business advisers are gathering from clients each month (such as cash flow analysis, advice implemented in the business, the use of record keeping, etc) is entered in to PROSPER and is then evaluated using QlikView, the number one business intelligence tool in world!

Click Here to Access this month’s Namaste Newsletter!


Once again, Tenmast has partnered with the Lexington Habitat for Humanity for the “Good Business House” project.  Tenmast CEO James Mauch created the “Good Business House” project in Lexington in 2003 and every year since, Tenmast co-sponsors a home build for a family in the area. This involves providing a monetary donation to help fund the project, as well as a team of workers who give the operation an energetic volunteer workforce. For the past 9 years, this relationship has allowed our company to improve local hard-working families by helping them build a home of their very own.

This year’s Good Business House is being built for the Bomboma family who has a powerful story we’d like to share with you. The Bomboma’s are a couple who work hard for their children – the four they have here, and the two they are still working to bring here from Africa. They have had a long journey to Lexington. Both were born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but because of war in their home country they had to flee. They were resettled as refugees in Nigeria in 1999 and lived in a refugee camp for 11 years before being sent to Lexington. The process was chaotic, and because of that they were separated from their two oldest boys, who are still in Africa living with other family members while the couple works to try to bring them to the US. They decided to apply with Lexington Habitat for their children. They came to the United States to establish a good future and they feel the stability of a home will play a big part in helping to ensure success for their family.

Helping the Bomboma’s achieve their dream of homeownership, as well as help them, in any small way, to bring their family back together, is the reason why the Tenmast team reaps so much joy and so many memories from this volunteering experience. And based on our annual commitment to the Good Business House, we are lucky that we will experience it for many years to come.

Lighthouse Ministires

 A non-profit, faith based organization located in Lexington, KY, Lighthouse Ministries offers food and support to low and moderate income families in the area. Providing meals each day to the less fortunate as well as a refuge for men who have fallen on hard times, the Ministry is dedicated to offering a stable environment for those who need help.

Each year Tenmast sponsors two underprivileged Lighthouse Ministry families for the Christmas season. Employees go shopping and bring in presents for each family member; children age from 1 month-13 years. Everything from toys to tee shirts are bought, wrapped and labeled for the family to receive. Before the the annual Lighthouse Xmas Party, when the families receive their gifts, the Lexington office looks like Santa’s Workshop, with donated gifts piled up! With the opportunity to help those less fortunate and a time of reflection on the things we have to be thankful for, this is a Tenmast tradition that everyone looks forward to each year.