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Welcome to Tenmast Software

Welcome to Tenmast

What We Do.

Tenmast Software serves public housing authorities and private affordable housing management companies with software for Tenant Management, Finance/Accounting, Maintenance, Inspections, Document Management, HUD Reporting, and Executive Decision Making.

Tenmast serves as both experts in the housing industry and cutting-edge software engineers. Our enterprise system not only manages all the functional areas of your management operation, but we have also built a variety of ancillary products that use wizards and a clear, concise user interface to improve the efficiency of your everyday business processes.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to be the Interface between our clients and agencies with which they interact. We are their inside track for regulatory expertise and for providing products and services that make their job easier. Our organization is built on a foundation of trust and respect for all team members and clients. We will have achieved our mission when we are recognized as the benchmark in the industries we serve.

Our History.

Tenmast Software has been providing housing management software, hardware, training, and support to housing authorities since 1984. Tenmast is the combination of two great companies: Tenmast Software, based in Lexington, Kentucky, and Millennium Software, Inc., (previously based in Ruston, Louisiana).

Tenmast began when the founder of the company was asked to create a software program to manage the tenant application process for a relative who managed a housing authority in Kentucky. That program, the Tenant Master Database, for which the company was named, became the seed for more than 35 modules of affordable housing software.

Over the years, Tenmast has established itself as an expert in public housing regulation, and the company is a leader in providing expert software systems for subsidized housing organizations. Today, our software covers the gamut from tenant management, to accounting, to maintenance management, and it is used by hundreds of housing authorities across the country.

In October 2017, Tenmast was acquired by MRI Software.