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Executive Management Team

Mark Lewis, President

James C. Mauch, Chief Executive Officer

Julie Bell, Director of Implementation

Christopher Pemberton, Director of Information Technology

Torre Lasley, Director of Software Development

Greg Hodge, Director of Human Resources


Mark Lewis, President

Mark LMark Lewis is President at Tenmast Software. Mark is responsible for the daily management of Tenmast Software. He oversees the sales, support, implementation, and programming departments. As President of Tenmast, Mark is dedicated to maintaining Tenmast’s leadership position in serving public housing institutions with software and information systems that insure their successful operation and compliance with applicable regulations.

Mark has more than 22 years of experience in programming, with 12 years of experience in operating a computer-consulting firm before entering the housing industry. He has been writing software for the public housing industry since 1990. He founded Millennium Software in 1994 for the purpose of developing and selling software to public housing agencies. In 1999, Millennium Software merged with Tenmast Software and since then, Mark has been the head of our software development team, creating the technology solutions that make your job easier.

Mark is a graduate of Louisiana Tech University with a BS in Computer Science.

You can call Mark at (877) 359-5492, ext. 1253, or email him at markl@tenmast.com.


James C. Mauch, Chief Executive Officer

James C. Mauch is CEO of Tenmast Software. As CEO, James works on strategic development for our company and develops tools and technical trainings that help you and your staff achieve your goals more easily. James is also an attorney and practiced as a trial lawyer with a large Midwest law firm in the early 1980s. In 1988, James co-founded, and served in various senior management positions with Environmental Audit, Inc. and its successor, VISTA Information Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: VINF).

With VISTA, James designed database information products used by engineers to assess environmental risk and comply with risk assessment requirements of federal and state environmental laws. James also managed teams of software engineers and data quality testing groups responsible for building and maintaining geographic information systems and underwriting software applications for the property and casualty insurance industry. As a lawyer, James is familiar with the ever-changing requirements of federal and state regulatory systems for low income and public housing.

James is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. James also has a law degree from the Thomas M. Cooley Law School and is a Member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association and the Kentucky Bar Association. In February 1999, James was certified as a Public Housing Manager by NAHRO.

You can call James at (877) 359-5492, ext. 1223, or email him at james@tenmast.com.


Julie Bell, Director of Implementation

Julie Bell is the Director of Implementation for Tenmast. Julie is responsible for improving business processes and supporting critical business strategies by managing the development, implementation, and maintenance of product delivery. She oversees multiple projects and implementation teams to ensure all specifications are met.

Julie is responsible for overseeing all major projects from inception to completion, which requires identification of all major components and timelines for each phase of a project. She will work closely with all clients during delivery to ensure all expectations are being met.

She works closely with the Customer Operations Manager to ensure all Tenmast team members are trained in resolving complex issues that may be associated with each project.

Julie is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a BBA in Marketing and Business Management.

You can reach Julie at (877) 359-5492, ext. 1226, or email her at julie@tenmast.com.


Christopher Pemberton, Director of Information Technology

Chris PChristopher Pemberton is the Director of Information Technology at Tenmast Software. Christopher is responsible for the design, expansion, and maintenance of Tenmast’s IT infrastructure. He also oversees the Information Technology Department and establishes guiding principles for technical support, policy implementation, and continuing technical research.

Christopher has 11 years of senior technology experience, with 8 years of experience in in a senior leadership role. Previously, Christopher has been involved in overseeing technology implementation for internet service providers, healthcare organizations, and consulting firms. He specializes in network communications, datacenter maintenance, security, and technical staff development.

Christopher is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a BBA in Management and Computer Science.

You can reach Chris at 877-359-5492, ext. 1231, or email at cpemberton@tenmast.com.


Torre Lasley, Director of Software Development

Torre LasleyTorre Lasley is the Director of Software Development at Tenmast Software. Torre is responsible for overseeing the development of new software, ongoing maintenance of existing programs, new client conversions, and fostering communication between the development department and the users. Promoted from Lead Developer, Torre actively programs and personally leads the weekly “User Experience Improvement” meeting so that even the smallest detail gets attention.

Torre has over 14 years experience in software design and development including 5 years specializing in software for Housing Authorities. Torre came to Tenmast Software in 2010. Prior to that, Torre was a software engineer and manager at a Fortune 500 company. He specializes in SQL and C#.NET but has experience with a variety of different technologies.

Torre studied computer science at the University of Kentucky.

You can reach Torre at 877-359-5492, ext. 1283, or email at tlasley@tenmast.com.


Greg Hodge, Director of Human Resources

Greg HodgeGreg Hodge, PHR – is the Director of Human Resources at Tenmast Software. Greg is responsible for all aspects of Human Resources for the organization including recruitment, development and retention of employees as well as managing the benefits process.

Greg is a Strategic Business Partner to his internal clients which include Sales/Marketing, Implementation, Information Technology, Customer Operations and Software Development.  Prior to joining Tenmast, he spent twenty plus years in the corporate setting working in both Sales management and HR management roles.

Greg holds the PHR (Professional in Human Resources) certification from the Human Resources Certification Institute and also earned a B.S. Degree in Business from Lee University.

You can reach Greg at (877) 359-5492, ext. 1243 or via email at ghodge@tenmast.com



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